Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not all that will return from China is going to be Gold!

Originally posted on HuntBI.com.. Steve Hunt's business intelligence advisory site is a posting that I placed a few days ago regarding my concern over all of those computers connecting to the Internet in China. The posting can be viewed at http://www.securitydreamer.com/, with an exerpt shown below..

J.L. Stutzman, CISSP
Hammerhead Research, LLC

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

What happens in China won’t necessarily stay in China.

What do I mean by that? In the Navy there was a sea story. It went something like this…
We pulled into . When we pulled in, the Captain came over the 1MC (the general shipboard loudspeaker system) and gave us a country brief. He told us to be careful. He told us that if we got into a fight, to win, and to be careful with the women- always. Sexually transmitted diseases ran wild in many of the ‘sailor ports’. The story I remember talked about how the hospital corpsman onboard the ship would use a Sharpie to put the name of the sailor on the pair of syringes used to rid us of whatever we picked up. The syringes were then stuck into a dartboard in the Chief’s Mess. As the story goes, the dartboard was always full.
So here’s the deal….
Chinese cyber spies WILL steal your stuff!