Saturday, September 14, 2013

“How do all the others stand a chance?”

  • “Sharing intelligence in a forum like Red Sky is a force multiplier!”
  • “How do all the others (who don’t participate) stand a chance?”
  • “What do companies do when they can’t (or don’t want to) go to the government for help?”
        • (Quoted from a former member of the Defense Industrial Base who recently made an inquiry about Red Sky Alliance membership --and is joining us now!)

We’ve been putting on the end of year membership drive for the last week. I had 16 appointments scheduled between last week and next --dinners, reconnections, lunches, and visits with potential new members. Three new membership packages have been issued this week. They’ll all be going through legal review on the company side, and likely entering the portal in the next couple of weeks. Next week? I have three every day. I went WAY over my goal of 20 for the two weeks. I work with overachievers who like to please.. and they do it well.. for the Red Sky team, and our members!

On that, I wanted to share with you a bit about happenings this week.

  • We held threat day in the global NOC of one of the telecoms. What a great day! Thank you again to our hosts!
  • We issued a couple of new reports --both pretty cool actually. One detailed new activities associated with one of the groups that’s pretty prolific against just about every industry right now. The other, one of our newer priority intelligence reports is based on a set of priority and standing questions that we ask, and when we find a piece of the puzzle(s), we write them up in a short format product.

We received another query for tailored reporting. We’ve been getting a few of these lately. Apparently there’s a real need for unclassified Threat Intelligence and the word is spreading that Red Sky has good gouge. So over the course of the year we’ve done some work for a couple of organizations where we take an analyst or two (who work remotely) and become the virtual extension of the company’s Threat Intelligence shop. We’ve got over a hundred technical and intelligence reports in internal publication, and believe we’ve got a pretty good process, and the knowhow that goes with it!. We like this model --not consulting per se, but we actively hunt for information that might help our reader. They don’t get Red Sky data unless they’re a member, but they still like the work. We do the work under Wapack Labs, and have taken a number of these ‘moped’ work requests.. why moped? One of my guys likes to say that everyone likes to ride them, but nobody wants to be seen with one! We’re kinda the same way… everyone likes the work, but nobody wants to be seen with us (and we like it quiet too!).

Before I forget, I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the Cyber Security Summit 2013 in NY on the 25th. We've never done a booth before (we're in 211). Getting it done is interesting. I'll be sitting a panel in the afternoon. Stop by and say hello.

OK, this is a short blog (say thank you!). I’m going fly fishing in the western part of the state with an old friend VERY early tomorrow. He’s a CTO with one of my former employers (you won’t guess, there’ve been just toooo many!), but it’s going to be a great day. I’ve got my 9 weight rigged, my PFD check checked out, and fresh chemlights in the pocket. So...

Until next time,
Have a great week!