Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wapack Labs acquires Project DataSafe

Red Sky Alliance caters to primarily large enterprise companies. Our membership for the most part
own at least 100K computers.

Wapack Labs authors intelligence for Red Sky Alliance, a couple of managed security service providers,  a large information sharing and analysis center, and several companies --also large.

So what about the smaller guy? How do they get intelligence?

Many of the folks we talk to simply don't have the ability to even use intelligence. They understand that there are threats out there, but haven't been adequately equipped to consume it, let alone push it into their defenses. Heck, some have great tools, but aren't really sure how to even push IOCs into an intrusion prevention system. It's not to say they have any less skill. They simply don't have the resources.

On that, I'm happy to announce Wapack Labs acquisition of Project DataSafe service offerings. 
Wapack Labs now performs remote website security testing, hardening, and maintenance.  The operation is in full swing, already performing work for several hosting companies around the US and making calls into others. 

So, what about the smaller guy? They get intelligence through its use by service providers. While any company can purchase a subscription from us, they can also request initial hardening and long term maintenance.

Interested? Drop me a line.. or join our mailing list.

I'm keeping it short for now. Preparing to run out for a workout and then prepare to travel tomorrow. So, until next time, have a great weekend!