Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hey Southwest Air! Please! Charge me bag fees!

So here's my gripe...

I fly SWA almost every other week between MHT and BWI. Been doing it for about six years now.

SWA just changed their (ahem) reward system, and it frosts my butt. Here's why:

SWA used to require 8 round trip flights for one reward. One reward is one round trip. Credits were earned by paying for a flight. For each flight segment (a one way flight). Therefore, if I were able to book a $69 flight, it counted as one segment. More often than not the flight was at least $100, and in most cases I booked business class (I generally arrive minutes before the departure time. Business class gets me right on.. SWA has really become my subway!).

Ok, so we went from 'buy one flight get one award segment'. Get 16 and earn a free round trip.

SWA has now moved to a point system, whereby every dollar spent earns a certain number of points. For example, my last round trip cost me $371 (up from $282 six months ago). For $350, I get roughly 4400 points (where'd that number come from?). To earn a round trip between MHT and BWI, I now need 21,600 points each way or pay $180 per segment.

So SWA, let me understand better. For the purchase of a $370 round trip I get 4400 points, but to purchase a $370 trip with points I need 43,200?

Please, charge me bag fees! I'm going to have to start flying USAIR ($218, with a short stop in Philly)!

Sorry SWA. You're pricing yourself out of my wallet.