Saturday, December 31, 2011

Banking/Finance well represented in Red Sky Alliance!

We're preparing to go live with the Red Sky Alliance portal. We've been working hard to invite the right companies to participate --they must participate, contribute, and be interested in building a smart, interactive community to share data on hard problems they face -espionage, fraud, theft.

I'm happy to say that we've received commitments for three large financial institutions to kick off the membership as Founders. I'm most happy that these institutions are  known to have great infosec shops who already know each other, and offer the highest possible probability of sharing high quality threat and incident data. Our Founding memberships will be rounded out soon for Banking/Finance, but we still have a couple of openings in other areas.. We currently have membership invitations out to members of the Defense, Energy, and Retail sectors both in the US and abroad. We're not chasing critical infrastructure, and encourage international participation. So if your company is experiencing APT, denials of service, theft of data, or other hard problems, don't go it alone! Join the Red Sky Alliance and get some help!

Interested? Request an invitation. or

Happy New Year all!