Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harvard.. Thursday

So today was probably one of the best (BEST!!!) lectures I think I've ever heard in any course.. a day full of a 43 year professor (the one who taught Obama!) talking about communications and persuasion. Gary Orren had us for a full day, with a full framework for better targeting and framing communications to persuade others (voluntarily) to change course. WHAT A DAY.

Better? It was topped off with two speakers at the Forum (Agora -- a food market by day, speaking pulpit at night)... unfiltered Q&A. Eric Cantor ( talking on the budget. The talk was terrific, but HIV activists protested at the end and were walked out. Regardless, an incredibly civil session! Finally topped off the night with a lecture from William Perry. What a day!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My arrival at HKS...

Shirley asked me to post pictures of my immediate arrival, so here goes... This is my little room. There's a common living room as well, but nothing special. The view from the room however is really nice. The room is on the 4th floor of a dorm overlooking Soldiers Field Road, the Charles River, and the main Harvard Campus. The dorms are shared with Harvard Business School, so who knows, I may be sharing a dorm with the next Warren Buffet! Speaking of networking, it's already starting. Had lunch with two guys also here for the Senior Exec Program --the Regional Director for the Park services from Philly, and another from the Fed Trade Commission. Great conversation over lunch.

Ok, I'm off. Need to change into a suit for opening day. We were asked to be in business attire. You know how much I hate wearing a tie, but I'll do it just this once... in case they take pictures ;)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Another mover into the MSSP space?

Just running through my required reading. I know, it's a little late, but heck, I'm a bit of a multi-tasker, not-so-good television tonight, and I'm in between good books. Ok, not really, I'm reading "The Accidental Salesperson".. it's actually pretty good, but I've had enough for today.

Anyway, in my browsing my required reading and RSS feeds, I came across an interesting post. ADP (the payroll outsourcing company) is  advertising for forensic people for their 'converged security' practice. About five seconds of digging -- --shows several postings for ADP's new outsourced practice. Funny, I know there's money attached. I saw something from a year or so ago that talked of $355b government spending for cyber security, but a payroll company? Wow. Talk about teaching old dogs new tricks! I'm impressed! The bigger question? Will they be successful? What exactly does ADP call 'converged'? I know what I call it, but the definitions seem to change.. infosec = cyber. What exactly does converged mean in the market today?