Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Sky Aliance Weekly update

Another terrific week for the members of the Red Sky Alliance. Lots of activity, hopefully wrapping up sometime this weekend with our next fusion report. This week we added three new Associate Member analysts and a new Founding Member to the Red Sky ranks.
  • Our first Associate Member provides the membership large scale open source translations from multiple languages and fuses the information with technical analysis to create reports to nicely compliment the Red Sky technical Fusion Reports. While Red Sky isn't as much interested in attribution as information assurance, understanding how attackers work, think, communicate, etc., is critical to being able to be proactive in protecting member networks, and allows Red Sky analysts and members to more accurately depict real threats to their companies and environments. 
  • Through a second Associate dedicating analytic support, Red Sky added the ability to perform data mining through multiple open and premium sources. This new capability resulted in notification and cleanup of over 200 previously unknown compromised computers!
  • Our newest member actually signed on late last week, but jumped in with both feed this week. We'd like to welcome this global 100 financial to the membership! 
Red Sky continues to receive queries for membership. We're preparing to wrap up our "Founding" Membership offering in the Financial and Defense Sectors (I believe we have one Founding Member seat available in each).  Founding memberships are still available in other areas of industry including energy, high tech, IT/Networking, Aerospace, Oil/Gas.

If you're interested, please drop me a note

Have a great weekend!