Saturday, December 22, 2012

Red Sky Weekly - Happy Holidays - something fun

As expected, activity in the portal has slowed a bit leading up to the holidays, so we have been focusing on adding capabilities to further benefit the membership. 

  • We started a DNS monitoring and reporting process. This will give us better situational awareness on malicious domains being reported through the portal. 
  • We are also beginning integration of automated network simulation into our MAG2 environment for easier identification of adversary protocols. 
  • Our first comprehensive threat actor profile is forthcoming just in time for Christmas. This will be the culmination of several years of tracking and analysis on arguably the most formidable and highest profile Chinese threat actor groups. 
  • We're wrapping up our first Annual Report. We'll be pushing it out to our Advisory Board in the next day or two for final review before publish.
  • We've begun making appointments for demos of the Beadwindow portal with Federal folks. My dance card for the weeks after the New Year are filling quickly!! Don't be left behind. Drop me a note.

Enough of that
for now. I’m going to close with a short, sweet blog. It’s been a great year. I’d like to take a moment and say thank you, and Happy Holidays to all of our members, especially those early Founding Members who had enough faith to write us the first checks and get the Alliance off the ground. Thank you. To our military, and especially our deployed military members and the civilian support and their families, I wish you Happy Holidays, and a safe return home.

I’ve put together something fun to close out the year. I hope you enjoy holiday well wishes from Jim and I. Happy Holidays all!

Until next time.
Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate!),