Saturday, July 02, 2016

Training Day and Kicking off our Veteran Training program with the VA and SNHU!!

OPINTEL is the term used by the Navy to refer to tailored, all-source intelligence provided directly to operating forces. It focuses on a potential adversary's capabilities, his immediate intentions, and the environment. 

In the last few weeks we've been writing a ton of OPINTEL.  85(+/-) intelligence reports in the last month.  In one case, we're helping the CLE PD understand threats forming as they ready for the RNC. 

So yesterday was pizza, beer and training --early communism, exploring the formation of protest groups in the US, the Kent State shooting, and then bringing it forward to current day, comparing TTPs used by activism groups and how they form and operate.

I blogged recently about training returning veterans.  The group that we've formed (Team Jaegar --the hunt team) has been doing OPINTEL as the first step into cyber intelligence --what a great way for a company or customer to help the cause --by sponsoring the training of a returning vet who'll be dropped into an analytic seat on day one, shown the priority intelligence requirements, taught to operate safely in cyber space, and turned loose under the supervision of a retired CGIS Supervisory Special Agent who tutors them on writing actionable reports in a way that's understood by the most people and gets the message across quickly.  For those who need OPINTEL, every vet knows a threat when they see one... we just have to teach them what to do with it. The results? Absolutely amazing.  More on this in a moment.

While listening to the talk, as I looked around the room, I noted that the guys had taken a panel that we'd had printed for a booth at a conference in NYC from a couple of years ago --the intelligence cycle, and papered it up with sticky notes showing due times and battle rhythms.  I preach the intelligence cycle, battle rhythms, publishing deadlines and analytic rigor.  I taught intelligence cycle processes as part of our Threat Intelligence University at a customer location just last week... I thought my guys were getting sick of hearing about it, so and to see this team with sticky notes on the board showing due times, routines, etc... for this new, high producing, insanely focused team, makes me happy as hell.

And more? I'm happy to announce that our partnership with the Manchester, NH VA Medical Center (VAMC) and Southern New Hampshire University is underway. We've hired four vets on referrals from the VAMC, and our first SNHU veteran students (14 of them) start in the lab on August 8th and we can't wait. 

What're they going to get? We've taken our two day Threat Intelligence University firehose training program and converted it into university level modules, starting with Intelligence 101 (Threat Intelligence Cycle) and Intel 102 (Operating Covertly in Cyberspace) --all the way through scripting, malware analysis, detecting lateral movement, and advanced mitigation strategies. The interns will be receiving a number of these lessons and at the same be tasked with providing real analytics on real problems --OPINTEL first, then TCP/IP training, and then heading into full cyber. The students who are SNHU students get three credits for every 10 weeks they spend with us --some of the best OJT out there with the idea that if they make it through, we'll be introducing them into the Red Sky Alliance members for jobs... We've already had requests.

And last? We were visited by Frank Edelblut --Republican entrepreneur turned Angel investor and politician, running for NH Governor.  I'm not going to tell you that I don't straddle the political lines but I'm a fan of folks who've also walked the walk, so it was a pleasure to have Frank in to talk about his days as an entrepreneur, and his thoughts on moving into the governor's seat.

Enough for now. As we kick off this Fourth of July weekend, and I prepare to head to the beach with my family, I wish you all a great weekend. Be safe with the fireworks, eat as many burgers or lobsters as you can choke down, and take a moment to remember the birth of our independence!

Until next time,
Have a great holiday weekend!