Saturday, December 03, 2011

Red Sky Alliance is growing!

The Red Sky Alliance is growing!

  • Three new companies are expected to join us -one more large bank, one small bank, and a nuclear energy plant have all committed and are in various stages of entering the membership.
  • One new executive has been added to the ranks of our advisory board. A more formal announcement will be made later, the but our newest board member is an EVP with a Fortune 100 financial institution and currently serves as their head of their Threat and Intelligence organization.
  • Red Sky now has a LinkedIn Group, and with only a few days online, boasts an impressive constituency of nearly half from the Infosec CXO and VP ranks and a rest, a few hand selected consultants (for their ability to add real value to Infosec disussions).
So please, jump in. The Red Sky Alliance is only as good as the membership it serves. You can join the group, follow us on Twitter (@redskyalliance), or check out our website (

I look forward to seeing you in the boards!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Red Sky® Alliance named Industry Partner of the CISO Executive Network for Private Information Sharing and Collaboration

This is great news! As many of you know I've been doing a bit of consulting to the Red Sky Alliance. The Alliance is a private social networking site where members can talk to each other in a trusted forum (The theme song to "Cheers" is  running through my head right now). The site is set up with mature rules for vetting new members, and complete peer review for anyone participating. Enjoy private instant messaging, running forums, even private groups (that don't show up in search results) inside the system that may be used for out of band communications for, well, choose your occasion.. incident response perhaps?

That said, building trust online begins with building trust in person. The CISO Executive Network has done amazing work in bringing CISOs from all kinds of companies into trusted forums in person, and is now recommending the Red Sky Alliance as a venue to extend those relationships online for private collaboration.

Press Release:

11/21/2011 - Red Sky® Alliance named Industry Partner of the CISO Executive Network for Private Information Sharing and Collaboration

Red Sky® Alliance is happy to announce that it has been named an Industry Partner of the CISO Executive Network.

Building trust between companies starts with building trust between people. “CISO Executive Network has done amazing work in developing trusted relationships among information security executives,” said Jim McKee, President, Red Sky® Alliance. These relationships are central to the trust required when sharing highly sensitive threat information in the Red Sky® Alliance private networking environment. “We can’t begin to emphasize how important these personal relationships are when building collaboration among companies,” notes Bill Sieglein, Founder and CEO of CISO Executive Network. “We are pleased to recommend Red Sky® Alliance for private collaboration among our members.”

About CISO Executive Network: The CISO Executive Network is a peer-to-peer organization dedicated to helping information security, IT risk management, privacy, and compliance executives to be more successful. It accomplishes this mission by providing opportunities for those professionals to meet periodically in their local cities to share with one another and hear from industry experts.


More to follow later on Red Sky Alliance, but for now know, we've got world class analysts in the backend to 'keep the conversation moving', analyze activity (and malware), and help companies strategize on how best to cope with the new threats.