Thursday, July 01, 2004

Usenix Technical conference: Day 5 (Thursday)

The crowds seem to be slimming a bit today, presumably due to the happy hour hosted by the vendors last night, and the gameshow excitement generated by Mr. T during the followon hours. BOF sessions are numerous, and I would expect they're taking there toll on the attendees, who seem to want nothing more than sleep this morning. Unfortunately I missed the morning session due to heavy traffic coming into Boston (I've been commuting in from New Hampshire each day), but did have the opportunity to catch one of the more interesting topics of the week --Open Source Flight Simulator. Having had experience looking at both arial and satalite imagery, I was amazed at the level of detail provided by this package. OK, it had nothing to do with information security or system administration, but was none-the-less, a fun topic. This afternoon is a set of UseLinux Refereed Papers, followed by a session on "System Administration/General" or "Deploying the Luster Cluster File System". It actually makes me happy I've got a con call scheduled during that exact timeslot. This evenings session however looks to be fun --the Super User Linux Group --Usenix took the opportunity to invite any of the Linux folks in the local area to participate. All of the local user groups got invitations. Should be a blast. It'll be followed by a Linux BOF led by Mad Dog (can you imagine a guy calling himself Mad Dog, simply because he runs Linux?? There's gotta be more!)

Standby, more to follow.
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