Tuesday, July 12, 2005

MacWorld Expo -Totally Underwhelmed!

Yesterday I sat through part of a program on advanced functionality in OS X, and as a result posted my notes on my thoughts of OS X not being ready for enterprise. I stand by that. OS X still needs work in the remote administration of both clients and servers.

Today I had the (mis)fortune of spending my time wandering (aimlessly) through the exhibit floor looking for that one thing that would make me reach down, grab my nuts, screaming damn the wife and her stinkin checkbook, and just buy the thing.

Unfortunately, my nuts went ungrabbed and my voice never went above a moderate tone - barely audible enough to get over the crowd noise as I spoke with a truly unimpressive selection of vendors with as many new ideas as a stop sign.

I guess I should mention, one of the things I look for are security vendors, of which I could count on one hand. One cool item I saw was a tracking system for lost (stolen) computers, but after taking a few minutes became bored by the conversation which revolved around the owners thoughts on working with local law enforcement (yawn). I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Some of the Apple tools were kinda fun though. I saw through piece of a program called "Geeks and Gadgets" in which I viewed a great demo of GarageBand -Apples computer-based music system. Unfortunately I was a Tuba player in High School and they didn't have the interface for a Tuba, nor do I have a Tuba..

Bottom line: Wanna buy a colored iPod holder? Colored earphones? A new case for your PowerBook? You could get them here. Want enterprise tools that offer solid administration? Nope, no chance. Come on guys. Innovation is a good thing!
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