Wednesday, March 09, 2011

General Odiermo, HKS Forum, Cyber...

I had the privilege of getting one of the very limited tickets to see General Ray Odiermo speak tonight.

Gen O is the current commander of the Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, VA. He's an impressive guy to hear speak, but more fun for me was that he speaks very passionately about Cyber!

I am a cyber guy, and work by day at the DoD Cyber Crime Center, and being the only cyber pro in my class at the Kennedy School, found this to be incredibly good stuff.

So this guy has got to be 6'5" and as broad as a bull dozer, with a rack of ribbons that pushed his combat infantry badge WAY up on his shoulder, but he speaks of Cyber like it's the next front. He's informed, smart, well spoken, and his last word on the subject --after speaking for almost thirty minutes --was that cyber is the thing. My classmates all looked at me, knowing I was the only cyber guy int he class, and knowing that I also am not afraid to speak, and they knew --we're working hard in this area. I don't talk much about what I do in class, but many know of DCISE and read our products. It's an amazing thing. Many of my classmates have even commented about how much is going on in the area. My roommate -a former P3 pilot and now Navy civilian commented that every high ranking official that comes through speaks of CYBER!

It's a good time to be a geek, and Harvard is creating in me a self-aware, bigger thinker.

I hope to be in this game for a long, LONG, time!

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