Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last day for me...

Thursday morning. Blogging before packing while I prepare for my last half day with the Honeynet Project. I haven't (nor will I) post about some of the ongoings, but I'm here to tell you.. things really have changed since I started as a member in (ahem) '97? '98? Hell. I'm to old to remember I guess.

Regardless, we've gone from WU_FTP hacks to botnets. From 'step away from your keyboard' to botnet profiling, big data, SSH honeypots, Android exploitation/forensics, HPFeeds, and a dozen other topics I've kept in my notes but can't recall at 6:22AM. There were project members from 26 countries represented, and I've made it my mission to have a conversation with every one of them. I believe I've succeeded.

Anyway, this is going to be a short note. It's been terrific seeing everyone again. It's been five years since my last annual workshop (at Lance's house.. when things were much smaller). I hope to hear from you guys again, and see you next year.

Ciao (or should I say Cheers!, Kampi!, Proz!)
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