Friday, June 29, 2012

Red Sky weekly wrap-up – 6/29/12

We held our offsite, starting with happy hour at the Union League of Philadelphia and a day of talks in the boardroom of one of our members in Delaware. The portal, as a result was slow. No fusion reports this week.
Regardless, our Threat Day was a fantastic success.
·      Early polling of the members suggest all left happy with the way the day went. I know this group was larger than last time, and this one, unlike the last was members only.
·      We issued our first “Plankowner Certificate” to our first Founding Member. The senior member of each team receives an 18” x 24” professionally framed, matted certificate.
·      We recognized our top 10% peer reviewed analysts. We do this each quarter, and at the end of the year they’ll receive a certificate and a certification good for one year. It goes like this: If a member peer reviews in the top 10% over the previous 12 months of their participation, they’ll be recognized as “Red Sky Certified” (RSc), and can use the designation as a certification behind their name. I like the idea of certification through peer review over the course of a year. 
·       We’ve got a couple of new research items – standardizing means of communicating, tests of linguist capabilities beyond the main threat areas, and the addition of new capabilities to the Red Sky portal.
So, positive trends, building face-to-face trusts, and growing collaborative capabilities.
Have a great weekend!
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