Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Red Sky | Beadwindow - One Week Down, many more to go!

For those of you are new to Red Sky, you may not be familiar with Henrybasset’s “Red Sky Alliance” blog published each week by Red Sky co-founder, Jeff Stutzman.  As an extension to that blog, we will are publishing a second blog, Beadwindow.  This companion blog will communicate the weekly activity of the Beadwindow community.  As things grow, so too will the discussions and information.  It is our sincerest hope that you find this blog both informative and a reaffirmation that collaboration and information sharing DOES work and IS the model for success in fighting the TTP threat.

Beadwindow?  As the new CIO for Red Sky, one of my first tasks was to get the Beadwindow portal up and running and to immediately help our community members with collaboration in defining the threats they are seeing on their networks.  This is not an easy objective. Having come from the government sector, sharing information is not a natural habit.  Beadwindow, being private-public cyber partnership, is pushing those longtime cultural behaviors aside and providing both a means and trust to break through the barriers that have plagued the government sector.

With this in mind, I am very pleased to report that Beadwindow is already providing a valuable space for our early adopters from both significant municipalities and state governments to connect, interact, and build long-standing relationships with.  I believe that the only way we can protect our critical infrastructure as well as our intellectual property is if we work together – Red Sky provides the space, all we need to for you to do is maximize its potential.

Before I wrap up this first installment of the Beadwindow blog, I wanted to remind each everyone that Beadwindow members have access to Red Sky’s Norman Malware Analyzer (MAG2) device.  We are already seeing a lot of activity with our MAG2 – keep it coming!  The MAG2 device is capable of analyzing up to 40,000 separate pieces of malware a day!  The MAG2 is an excellent “first responder’s” device and should be an immediate resource in your triage plans.  DO NOT let this resource go unused. 

We are moving forward and growing. For those already aboard, keep the discussions going and the analysis coming. For those of you on the fence about how Red Sky can help your organization, please reach out to me @ rgamache@redskyalliance.org  In the meantime, please learn more about Red Sky @ www.redskyalliance.org or http://henrybasset.blogspot.com  

Have a great week and remember – If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!

Rick Gamache – Red Sky Alliance CIO – rgamache@redskyalliance.org – 207-449-8090
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