Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wow! Beadwindow is going like gangbusters!

I realize this is an out of cycle posting, but I'm really happy today. We went live with Beadwindow on Monday, and in two days:
  • We've created accounts for thirteen state and local users, three members of an ISAC SOC, two of our Red Sky Founding Members (a Global Bank and a Tech Company!), and our Red Sky analysts.
  • Our first Fusion Report was posted to the Beadwindow portal. The report offers infrastructure analysis and a major TTP shift for a prolific group of APT actors
  • Conversations have started, and are moving nicely!
I'm psyched!  Opening a portal to allow government participation looks, at least at the early (infantile) stages, as a really great P2 (private-public) interaction opportunity as few restrictions as possible (we have only three very simple rules!).
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