Monday, November 19, 2012

Academic Services Division

Two items for the blog.  First, with Thanksgiving this week I'd like to say thank you to all our members of the armed services both present and past and to all first responders and people who will give their time and effort to keep us safe.  Many of us are generally quite comfortable and it unfortunately takes an event like Sandy to make us realize what these people do for us.  Red Sky has a commitment to helping our veterans transition to civilian life by working with any of them who would like to work as data analysts.  If your organization can do anything to help, I ask that as a way of saying thank you, you consider qualified veterans.  Red Sky is developing a relationship with the Wounded Warriors Project but your company should feel free to work with an organization that best suits your needs.

Second, I was reading this week on various sites about the recent Iranian attack on American banks.  When the attack was going on I was at a meeting in a bank relating to advanced persistent threats.  As I read about the attacks, it seems that it began with hackers getting into the computer network at the University of Michigan's Engineering School (see link below) by using little used ports.

As the Director of Academic Services, I work with colleges and universities as well as non-profit and government agencies in protesting their networks.  By getting into the commercial world through a university, it highlights that all our networks are intertwined more that we sometimes realize.   The openness of academia makes it an ideal place to get into other networks.

Red Sky is based on the simple concept that intelligent people working together can achieve more than any one person alone.  I invite you to contact me concerning Red sky's Beadwindow to discuss our common areas of interest and better protect all our networks.

Dave Chauvette

University Of Michigan and Iranian Cyber Attack

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