Saturday, November 01, 2014

Thinking differently...

This is awesome (not really!) but it goes directly to something I heard just the other day.

When most computer guys think intelligence, they think packets, bytes, bits, etc.

When I think intelligence, I think... how do I think like the other guy? What's he going to do? How would he operate against someone? What motivates him/her?

So someone mentioned to me that when doing business in Russia, the company had to assign someone (full time) to watch for changes in laws (mostly tax laws) that happen over night, that if not caught, would cause harsh and immediate fines (yet another revenue opportunity). And I though to myself, That's pretty extreme! Would we really need to hire someone full time??

And today, this piece from the NY Times. Yes, others in the world do think differently. And where Putins friends stand to profit, laws (apparently) can change on a dime.

Have a read!

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