Monday, September 28, 2015

Lenovo adds another rootkit? So what??

Another blogger just reported finding Lenovo installing another rootkit on laptops.

So I ask... is anyone surprised? iPhones have had WAPI installed for years (by choice). Nearly every computer, cell, display, etc., comes from factories in China. Should anyone be surprised with security issues are found in these devices?

And is China exclusive to this practice? My bet, no.

Why am I talking this? Because your networks are untrusted --for many reasons --bugs in code and hardware, scripts and processes that run for ease of use, autorun, targeted attackers break things to get in... your networks are untrusted... and with every device having components from areas of the world that we may or may not like, there are no computers that I know of with components built exclusively in trusted, high security factories; no chips, no memory, no anything.

So here's the deal... if you trust your laptop, computer, server, or cell to protect your stuff out of the box, you're a fool. The first thing my guys do when we buy new laptops --before powering it on, is to put tape over the webcam. Why? Because we know that the light that goes off when the webcam goes 'off' doesn't necessarily mean that it is. The same for your cell.. even when the power is (ahem) off, cameras and mics can be used against you.

And worse, I happen to love (LOVE) the ThinkPad form factor. I hate some of the clugey things that they've added, but that's personal preference. My other guys happen to like those features (I'm a Mac guy).

So whadya gonna do? Get smart. Hire or rent a CISO. Know that there are controls that should be placed on every computer before it goes into production. Your CISO can help. Need a virtual CISO? Drop me a note. We've recommended several to others.

Have a great day!
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