Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

I am back from four days of upland game hunting and brook trout fly fishing in Western Colorado.  We shot plenty of game birds that we plan to cook and serve to our friends.  We carefully released all of the Brookies for other anglers’ enjoyment.   I watched wild turkeys eat crab apples from the tree top and mule deer does and fawns visit the pond for water.  No one talked business or politics.  The weather was beautiful and the company was great.  The most amazing thing about the experience was that there were no TV’s, newspapers, Internet or cell service for the entire trip.
Upon my return to my desk this morning, I spent a couple of hours catching-up on emails and returning calls.  And now it is as if I had not left at all.  I scanned my news groups and saw that one of the companies that I had an outstanding proposal for services suffered a major breach.  It took law enforcement to inform the company of their loss of nearly 5 million customer records.  I am a soft sell guy and I hope that our company’s value proposition can help close a sale without me becoming a pest.  Since this is a financial company, I can imagine the lawyers are circling, just like foxes circling a wounded game bird that can no longer fly.
I contacted the company today and asked if it would be a good time for us to provide a threat briefing about what know about that type of intrusion and hopefully a review of our outstanding proposal.  I was told that the information security team was too busy to consider an hour long GoToMeeting session.  I was also told that the company had plenty of information security feeds and my proposal was no longer a priority.   I paused and replied, “Maybe they are not receiving the right subscription feed?”  I have not heard back from my reply, I may never hear back…
I speak with Information Security Officers from government departments/agencies, organizations and companies every week.  Most of the time, another salesman has already sold a contract and I have the opportunity to contact them at a later date.  Well, that is sales.  As a decision maker, are you receiving what you want, do you really understand what you need to combat today’s cyber criminals? We track the cyber criminals, their tools and their associations.  Since we have been in cyber intelligence information security sharing for over four years we may already have a line on your nightmare.  I am happy to schedule a session where you can ask these questions of some of my team members.  They are not sales persons, only a small group of dedicated professionals who will look out for your best interests.

Please feel free to contact me at jmckee@wapacklabs.com or call me on my cell phone at 314-422-8185, it is turned on.
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