Sunday, October 30, 2016

Like Beer? Beer + Information Security + Intelligence = AWESOME!

I started a post about how I blew my entire $12.88 marketing budget last month on a rubber stamp
that I used at the ISC2 and ASIS conference in Orlando. That 12.88 rubber stamp got more action than a fox in a hen house.

...but now there's a horse race going on... I challenged my marketing person to come up with way of getting the word out about this nearly one year old offering. We've been publishing, but haven't really advertised it. So...

What's the Readboard? Like the graphic says, we hired a professional journalist to rewrite our more technical and intelligence reports into short format products, 1-2 pages written in a journalistic style. These products can be used when your boss needs fodder, or you need to explain in human what happened, or... whatever.

Sign on for a free trial by 11/30 and enter your name for a drawing for a Beer of the Month Club raffle --for a year! (That was MY idea. I LOVE beer!).

Scan the Sign-up QR code, or use this link...


Either way, sign up for the free trial, and win some beer!

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