Monday, April 30, 2018

No Cost NIST 800-171 Self Assessment

Did you know that last week, Lockheed Martin won a $1 billion contract to build hypersonic aircraft and technologies? 

Did you also know that NIST 800-171 compliance is going to be required to participate on the contract?

I thought I might take an opportunity to present an 'easy button'. We took the NIST Assessment document and turned it into a no cost, no obligation, online Self Assessment.  Fill in the correct contact information (as opposed to fake contact information) and at the end, we'll send you your individual responses.

The self assessment is located here:

If you're a small business (<500 alliance="" also="" and="" ask="" at="" business="" businesses:="" can="" charge="" corner="" employees="" for="" help="" in="" nbsp="" need="" no="" ompliance="" provided="" questions="" red="" sky="" small="" span="" the="" you="">

Good luck.

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