Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone 3G

Today marks the third day I've driven to either an Apple Store or an ATT Store... on all three occasions, as Maxwell Smart would say "Missed it by THIS much!"

I gotta tell you.. Apple is getting buzz off of the release, but today, on this third day, after driving into the Apple Store in the mall in Columbia, MD, I'm just pissed. Upon arrival I (like the rest of the lemmings) stood in line. The folks in front of me told me they'd been there for two hours, and the guy behind me said he'd done the same yesterday. Today, the number 29 person in line found he'd get a phone (a white 16G model), but the rest of us should try back tomorrow. The grumbling in the line from person 29 and beyond was not pleasant. I think we all felt the same way.

Now here's the deal... Apple should have figure this out. The damn thing can't be ordered online, and while ATT is willing to order one, you have to do it from the store. On top of that, I'm not willing to shell out an extra hundred bucks for the 16G model (let alone a WHITE one! Who the hell wants a white one?!) when the battery (as reported by WSJ) has a significantly lower battery life... I'll pay $200 to send my Blackberry to Blackberry heaven, but not for a white 16G model. I'm also not willing to spend an extra hundred bucks for a product that I just don't want...

I'll wait, and stew.

More tomorrow.. assuming I actually get one.

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