Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sat in line for 3 1/2 hours... yet no phone :(

Yesterday was a BAAAAD day for me. Checked the Apple website. Drove from my apartment (just south of Baltimore) over to McLean, VA to stand in line at the Apple store for 3 1/2 hours. Some lady (in her sixty's, stupid, and obviously sexually frustrated as noted by her need to piss me off after 3 hours online) stopped me to ask if I thought the phone wouldn't be there tomorrow. She just wouldn't let go. Finally I told her husband that if I wanted abuse from a wife about standing in line for all that time, I could get it easily enough without having to take it from his. Jackass.

Back to the point.. after 3 1/2 hours, and several announcements by the Apple Store manager that there would be plenty of black 8G phones, an AT&T rep came out. He announced that you must be the primary account holder (no problem there), the phone couldn't be on a business account (again, not a problem), and you MUST be eligible for an upgrade... meaning, if you purchased a phone last May (like I did), even if you took a full two year contract, you weren't eligible to buy the iPhone at the advertised price --which is subsidized by AT&T. Only those who enter into NEW contracts, or were previously iPhone purchasers were eligible... I was not one of them.

So listen here Apple! I've been an Apple customer forever. I own seven Macs including a MacBook Air, three Intel MacBooks, a G3 that one of my kids now uses, a Mini, and an old tower G3. Additionally, I've given two iPhones as gifts... you'd think Apple would offer some kind of customer appreciation... maybe advanced purchase for those of us who are dedicated solely to Apple?? Guess that's to much to ask.

ATT? You're not off the hook. I pay for two phones on ATT, and have since before you were Cingular.. almost 10 years! You can bet that I would have not carried my obligatory two year contract.. I'm a high turnover customer. Yes, you too... Jackass.

So where do I stand? No phone for me! At least not until October 3, when ATT says I'm eligible for an upgrade. Until then, I'll lick my wounds, and consider carefully if it's worth the money. My previous plan had been to retire my blackberry, but I'm kinda likin the new version now.

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