Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final HKS post

Morning all.

I'm back at work, but wanted to take a moment and chat about a couple of things:

1. This experience was easily the best training I've ever had.

2. On my first day back, I was asked if I wore my new lapel pin to show everyone I went to Harvard. I answered back that I wore the pin to remind me of what I'd learned.

3. I have new tools in the toolkit. I have reminders in a Harvard logo'd binder on my desk next to my monitor, so when I need a refresher, it's right there. Inside I placed a few of the most important tools I'd previously lacked, with my handwritten notes from class.

That's it. I'm posting the remainder of the pictures:

 Steve Kellman's comic
 During my walk back to Soldiers Field.. my last night
 The gates into the dorm courtyard

 My study group
 Dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club
 Jeff, Paul, Nat and Mike
 More inside the Harvard Faculty club
 The walk from the Faculty Club.. Wrapping up on St. Patty's day. 
This was the start of a great night!
 John Harvard - do you recognize any of the faces in the
stained glass? I'll give you two of them.. Nixon, John Lennon
 The RedLine -- the second St. Patty's Day event. For those
who rode the bus from the Faculty Club, the bus dropped
everyone off here. Some stayed, some went back to the dorms for
some well needed rest. Obviously I didn't go back just yet!

 Me with Simon and Ibrahim
 A night of well mannered frivolity!

 Melancholy moments on my final walk to the dorm.
I'd just left the Friday 'reflections' class; a new graduate SEF.
 When it was nice, the walk along the Charles was the best.

 ...including the view of the woman's rowing teams!

OK all. That's it.

Harvard, out.
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