Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wrapping it up at the Kennedy School

It's Thursday afternoon, 3:45 and we've just wrapped up our final class.

That means roughly 120 sessions of 45 minutes crammed into four weeks. Most professors used 90 minutes and taught two. Regardless, it's been a hell of a journey. Today we wrapped up by 3:30, and don't have any readings for tomorrow, but we need to pack out and be ready to check out of the dorms by 9:00 tomorrow morning. Unfortunately we have final sessions and reflections starting at 8.

...four weeks. I'm going to tell you, this is a life changing experience. Everything about the program is first class. It's hard to explain how these guys do what they do, but the program teaches leadership, history, personal accountability, lessons from the Presidential offices (from people who advised the Presidents), and more. In addition to the coursework, they really do everything possible to immerse you in the higher level thinking and culture of Harvard. Again, hard to explain. I'll do my best in actions when I return.

Besides the coursework and culture, one of my friends suggested I bring extra bourbon for the study groups at night. We used all of mine, and more from others. During the Balcony Summits, we solved world hunger, the crisis in the Middle East, we've fixed Israel, and know how to best assist Japan. Does anyone by chance have Hillary's phone number? I'm sure she'll want to know what we've come up with!

OK all, probably one more post tomorrow with pictures from tonight... final dinner, business attire at the Harvard Faculty Club.

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