Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday... one more day to go before the weekend!

Yes, we have class on Saturday. Two case studies and then a historical walking tour of Lexington and Concord. Why you ask? We're in the modules where we're learning about the framing of the government. We spent time this afternoon in discussions of the Federalist Papers after a morning of organization building and a case study on navigating Fed politics. The lunch speaker today was Shelly Metzanbaum -the Associate Director of OPM's Performance Management program. Interesting stuff.

It was a good day. Dinner was to be in the Penthouse dining room with a guy dressed as James Madison, talking about the papers and framing of the Constitution. I bagged out. I ended up with a massive sinus headache about 2, so I figured I'd try and kick it before the walking tour and dinner out tomorrow. I held out until after the final class before dinner, then headed back.

Tomorrow should be another great day. Going to head to bed early and try and kick this headache.

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