Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did you experience "large scale phishing" last night?

Good morning!

At approximately 8PM (UTC) last night a member of the Red Sky Alliance posted a note and initial snippets of a 'large scale phish'. It turned out the phish affected multiple companies across the membership. Three of them and two analysts from Red Sky Alliance team came together to quickly diagnose the event as a team.

This phish is still under monitor in the membership and we'll wait to see what happens over the weekend, but we had four participants from three industry sectors looking at 'large scale phishing'. At least two different mails went were received. Both showing different senders for each of thousands of emails received.

Threat analysts and incident responders in real time communications with threat analysts and incident responders in other companies, in other sectors, comparing notes and quickly diagnosing issues they're seeing on their networks.

Great job to all involved! This is exactly what the Red Sky Alliance is all about!

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