Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Posting our second Fusion Report!

Red Sky just posted our second Fusion Report. The report offers an analysis of a set of APT actors, how they operate, and indicators to both identify, and protect from their current MO. 

What is the Red Sky Alliance? Red Sky Alliance is a real time private cyber neighborhood watch (42 second video) and when needed, an out of band ‘war room’.  Inside the portal members share information about current advanced threats and assist each other with analysis, best practice, and preventing future attacks. On the back end, Red Sky analysts use the information to author Fusion Reports that detail, in a clear and cohesive way, all information known about the subject. The Fusion Report includes an executive summary, detailed analysis, mitigation recommendations, and a list of indicators in an easy to use Kill Chain format. 

It's a small start, but this is our second fusion report in as many weeks. You asked for value beyond simple collaboration..  we're delivering... and we're going to keep delivering.

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