Thursday, March 08, 2012

Great day! Great week!

This has been a long week for me. I'm back in the DC area talking to just about anyone who will listen about Red Sky Alliance and the need to be able to talk CISO-to-CISO, Analyst-to-Analyst, Incident Responder-to-Incident Responder in a private forum. The phones have been ringing. Beside the sheer amount of interest, we've had a few really good things happen this week:
  • One new company requested membership. The company handles (get this) one million one millions of dollars in transactions every day! This is a great company with a great infosec team. They're going to make a super addition to the growing list of high quality infosec teams now participating.
  • I spent this morning at Senate. I've been asked to provide inputs to pending cyber (IA) legislation --how (or if) government should have a role, what it might look like (from a real world perspective), and what the biggest issues are in sharing this kind of information. 
  • We kicked off a new discussion in the group this week under the heading "Tips, Tools, and Taxonomy". One of the best guys in the space has a pilot running to aggregate and describe (in incredible detail) how cyber indicators can be shared in a machine to machine format. The best part? It's not about the amount of data, it's about extracting the RIGHT data to allow good decision making. Evidently this gent talked Red Sky Alliance in another information sharing partnership, and we've started receiving calls from them! 
  • We posted our first analysis (we call it a Red Sky Alliance Fusion Report) based on a member submission. The analysis detailed what happened, how it can be stopped in the future (with a snort signature), and aggregated a simple list of indicators in a format that allows a reader to simply copy and paste them into a sensor. You asked for analysis and we delivered. And we're going to keep delivering! 
It's been a great week --and it's not even over yet!

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