Thursday, November 01, 2012

Beadwindow is growing!

We kicked off our "Beadwindow" portal a couple of months ago with the idea that we could give government participants a place to quietly share notes with the private sector companies in the Red Sky Alliance.  While participation isn't as strong as we see on the Red Sky private portal, we are seeing growth as a result of a couple of new features:
  • Beadwindow users enjoy access to our Malware Analyzer: Imagine working in an information security shop and not having access to a malware analyzer! One of our top community analysts has probably pushed 150 malware samples through our MAG2, and tells us it saves him a ton of time every day. In an average processing time of less than a minute, he learns very quickly, which code, URLs, or documents are bad, and if so, how he can block the C2 before losing any more data. He then takes the analysis from our analyzer and starts looking for other instances of the same code in his network. 59 second average triage malware analysis time and expert assistance from our back-end team if needed. Where else can he go to get that?
  • Cross portal communications: As of today Beadwindow users can now tag a question to be posted to the Red Sky private portal. This is especially useful when comparing notes between the two. We've had a couple of cases, even in this short period of time, where activities in one also targeted folks in the other. The benefits have been incredible. A direct result of this is two new Red Sky private portal users have requested (and were given) accounts on the Beadwindow portal. 
  • Beadwindow users get the same direct access to Red Sky analysts as the private portal -this means full length unclassified Fusion Reports based on actual cases you're talking about in the portal, with easy to use, high confidence actionable indicators that can be cut and pasted directly into your own sensors.
Join the conversation! Federal, State, Local, or tribal, we don't care. Take advantage of the Beadwindow analytic capabilities and embed Beadwindow into your daily routine and incident response processes. We've created special rate plans for government and academic users who would like to participate in Beadwindow. So, if you'd like to 'poll the audience' all you have to do is ask!

Last, looking for training?  Are you an analyst with training in another discipline who's just jonesing to get into cyber but can't seem to catch a break?  We've got three interns signed up for 2013 and one more possibly on the way, but we're always looking for wounded warriors or other folks who might have crazy m4d research, analytic and writing skills but need to be taught cyber. Red Sky and Beadwindow are now offering a training program for those who are willing to commit and study hard. Once completed, if you do well, we'll introduce you to our membership for your next job. Our first Intern is going through the process as we speak. Interested? Drop me a note or contact our Director of Academic Services directly.

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