Thursday, November 06, 2014


For all of you Mac users (like me) and IOS users (not like me, but there are a ton of you), Wirelurker is new interesting in the threat category.  Palo Alto published a great tech piece on the new malware, but didn't do a great job of telling what it does and why it's bad, so here you go...

It's bad. It's another class of malware that opens your system up for access by outsiders. For the non-geeks reading this, know this... you need to check for it, and if you've got it, get rid of it.

The Palo Alto report can be found here.

They've also published a script that can be used to check your system. It's easy to use. Copy and paste the commands into Terminal and hit enter. I've copied the Palo Alto's instructions from their GitHub below.

  1. Open the Terminal application in your OS X system;
  2. Execute this command to download the script:
  3. Run the script in the Terminal:
  4. Read the output messages and detection result.
For any issue on the code and its result, please create a issue here:
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