Saturday, February 11, 2017

What's happening at Wapack Labs this week?

I'm running a bit late today. I'm preparing for yet another snow storm up here in New Hampshire, crossing my fingers that I'll actually make it out of here tomorrow --heading for San Francisco for RSA. I don't plan on writing a deep blog but thought I'd cover some of the highlights of the week.

Wapack Labs Threat Analysis Center:  We unveiled a new offering this week, allowing companies direct access to our normalized raw intelligence using tools that you know; keyloggers, sinkholes, early warning tripwires, and more.  Red Sky Alliance members will now have access to our tools, where they can create dashboard, reports, analyze our data, or pull our data into their own Splunk, SEIM, or analytic tools.  Need help? Reach out to the team through the Red Sky Alliance portal or Instant Messaging for real-time direct access to the team. Need a new source? Ask us. We'll capture it and get it into the system for you. 

The system is in early adopter mode with three or four customers testing it as we speak.  We're offering it up as a SaaS-based and MVP today.  I'll be showing off pieces of it during demos at RSA this week, so if you see me, grab me. I'll show you! 

Threat Day: Our next Threat Day is rapidly approaching. This one will be a little different than others. We're offering the first couple of Threat Intelligence University training modules and training on the new Wapack TAC system. We hold these quarterly --some onsite at a member location, some virtual, but we've had questions about how we do some of the things we do --so, we'll show you!

Upcoming conference - CyberRx/Wapack Labs: We've partnered with CyberRx to deliver intelligence into the local BWI/DC SMB markets. We're co-hosting a conference on April 19th where we'll be setting up terminals at the conference and scheduling 10-minute meetings with each participant.  We'll open up the databases and tell them what we know about them and their industry.

This week and last, we seem to be busier than usual. Most years, we have a little bit of activity before RSA and then get really busy after. This week, however, seemed to be crazy. From companies calling into seeing increased hits on our blog, website, etc., we (I) have been non-stop. We love that. 

So two fun things. First, I'm flying into SFO tomorrow night. My plan is to meet with folks Monday and Tuesday, but Monday night I'm looking forward to drinks with friends at the Marine Corps Club. It's a small place, but really nice.

Second, if you've ever considered one of those 'driving experience' days, we've got one for you. On March 3rd, we're bringing some friends together to do a driving school at Team O'Neil Rally Sports in the north woods of NH. This is a tactical driving school that teaches rally car racing. There is a cost, but if you're interested, drop me a note. We've got a few (6) spots left.  The day is meant to be fun and exciting. Interested? Drop Pamela a note. She can send you logistics. 

We know you guys have many (MANY) choices in where you get your intelligence. We also know (at least according to Ponema) that the CISO and Incident Responders aren't the only ones who read it.  There are only a handful of companies that I know of, that offer intelligence written for both the technical and non-technical audience --and we're one.  Drop me a note or grab me at RSA next week. 
I'd love to show you.

Have a great weekend and if you're heading for SFO, travel safe!

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