Monday, February 13, 2017

Morning One at RSA

Leaving the impending Nor'easter behind in Southern NH, after teaching the family how to hook up and start the generator, I boarded a puddle jumper from Manchester to Detroit, and Detroit to San Francisco --the annual trek out here for one of the largest security conventions in the world.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm tolerable of small crowds for a small period of time but large crowds, even for a short period of time make me absolutely nuts.  This morning it appears, the conference and most of the sessions are closed. Even the expo floor opens later tonight. So....

I'm hanging out under Moscone North, shaking hands with old friends as they make their way down for coffee. I've become a tea drinker of late but the coffee stand still attracts the geeks --and I love talking to them.

More to follow as we run through the conference, but for now, in the smaller crowds, I'm having a great time reconnecting --and writing.

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