Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interesting developments

Two nights ago we posted a product inside the Red Sky portal based on an input from one of our more active members. At the time we thought it might be an early development, not associated with any groups, but authored the analysis anyway. When we were posting, we compared some of the IP space to other sources and found there might actually be a link. Yesterday we confirmed what we were looking at was not only an active APT set, but that they'd been active in the Defense Industrial Base companies for almost three years with little other activity, and now jumped to a completely new sector!

This is Red Sky's first real validation of what we've been talking about! Early warning comes from smart people talking to smart people in other sectors. When smart people share technical information, they tend to share better information than those receiving anonymized data or data in the aggregate.

Don't be a wall flower! It's about people talking to smart people!

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