Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday night, and I'm VERY happy!

Why? I received a call yesterday from one of our members. We chatted about scale, automation, etc., but then I asked him how he liked our last Fusion Report? I was looking for feedback. There were some farming issues that we'll fix for the next one, but most importantly he told me "My team hates you!" (we're making them work!). When I asked if he was seeing anything from it, he told me "we're dropping all kinds of new stuff at our perimeter"

So why would such a simple sentence make me so happy?
  • The APT set went cross sector into a new target type
  • The guy who gave me the comment analyzes a LOT of indicators from a LOT of sources
  • The company has over 100 independent business and probably 150,000 computers. They have a VERY large perimeter
It makes me VERY happy that on our third report a director in a company of this size and stature in the Infosec community says about Red Sky "I'm sold on Red Sky!"

Red Sky contributed directly to identifying a new issue that he was able to push to his team and experience new results!

It makes me VERY happy!

Have a great weekend!
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