Friday, March 30, 2012

Red Sky Alliance: End of week status- Been a great week!

Good morning!

It's been a pretty great week for the Red Sky Alliance and I'm driving back to NH tomorrow, so I thought I'd post a snapshot of the week this morning.
  • Two new members committed (one finance and one LARGE healthcare organization), and a third (Fortune 10) gave us the thumbs up on legal review!
  • We posted Fusion Report 003 showing a longtime APT group that had previously targeted defense industrial base companies now modifying their tactics slightly and going after the government policy shop in a bank. This was HUGE. It validates our model of collaboration in a smart way across industries offering months (in this case years) of early warning. 
  • We've got two new folks working on the backend of Red Sky as analysts, and the malware engine is coming along nicely.
  • One of our Associate members (Kyrus Tech) was involved in the Zeus Botnet takedown! You guys should reach out and talk to these guys. Great skunkworks handling hard problems!
  • We're now tracking on over 60 threads with companies from four industry sectors, and we've just opened discussion boards on HP/Arcsight and RSA/enVision.
It's been a great week!!
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