Friday, November 14, 2014

Introducing Rod Castillo, Managing Director for OEM and Integration

It's been a heck of the week, and I'm happy as a hatter knowing we brought on a new Managing Director in the Lab this week.

Rod Castillo is handling our OEM Integration projects for Threat Recon.  We've had an enormous amount of interest in companies hitting the Threat Recon API, and with nearly a dozen integrations in the works, it seemed like the right time to bring someone in to assist.

Rod comes at this from an application security background. We worked together years ago at PwC.. my stint was much shorter than his.  Since then, he's been the CISO for Wyndham Hotels, and a consultant for Level 9, and now takes on a new role with us as Managing Director for OEM Integration, Wapack Labs.

We're bringing him up to speed, but he's a heck of a nice guy, smart as hell, and ready to jump in and assist in getting Threat Recon integrated into your environment. Check him out on Linkedin. Rod can be reached at

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