Wednesday, October 22, 2014

China in iCloud? Like a freakin sticky booger!

Apple iCloud is (allegedly) fully of Chinese hackers, grabbing personal photos, personal information, and presumably, my iTunes library! I'm thinking there's a simple and easy defense. Let them find my P90X starting pictures it'll scare 'em off for good! They'll never come back!

Regardless, these guys keep coming back. So two things.. Chinese hackers as I know them aren't as much interested in personal information -that's the domain of others, more interested in intellectual property and targeting Falun Gong. The MO (to me) sounds more like someone else using a Chinese infrastructure to pull off something more. iCloud isn't exactly known for hosting business, so I'm thinking (speculating only) that it's PII that the attackers might be after (or maybe they'll find the pictures of the iPhone 7??). To the money guys (meaning carders) full identities mean more money --PINs are more easily reset. 

So is it Chinese? Is it somoene else using Chinese tools? Tell me more!

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