Friday, October 24, 2014

Moscow, Beijing poised to sign deal on joint cyber security ops

This is interesting to me.

"A draft treaty apparently outlines mutual agreement to the use of online operations to interfere with independent states in a bid to undermine sovereignty or disrupt social, economic or political order."

The idea that Russia and China are reportedly signing an agreement on November 10th for joint us of online operations is amazing to me.  For those of you who've heard me talk,  I talk much about the idea of disintermediation... taking out the middle man.  Who, do you think independent states might be?  I'm guessing the US, maybe Sweden (just a wild guess after Russian flyovers, and a submarine off the coast of Stockholm), maybe Poland and Ukraine? Regardless,  if you think for a moment that infrastructures in China are only used by Chinese hackers today, you're wildly mistaken.  The sky isn't falling, but once these guys figure out how to working together (all new partnerships go through forming, storming, norming and performing... we'll see how long it takes)... but once they figure it out, the game changes.

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