Thursday, October 23, 2014

Poles who spied for Russia?

We've been tracking the Russia | Ukraine conflict for about a year, and last month one of our analysts speculated that we'd see cyber activity hitting Polish targets. It should come as no surprise. Poland has been looking for opportunities to reduce their dependence on Russian gas, which btw, travels through pipelines in Ukraine... seeing any patterns?

So this crossed my radar tonight when I had a few moments to settle in for the night. Intelnews has been talking about Russian spies in Poland.  Intelnews is one of my favorite sites for non-technical, geopolitically focused intelligence... and this is the third such piece I've seen in two days. And with the thought that Russia will continue to regain control, if not over Ukraine, then over the lines that pass their fuel to the EU, and also over those who attempt to find other sources, it is our belief that Poland will not only land in the crosshairs of foreign intelligence (from Russia), but also that we'll see the Putin/Ivanov cyber playbook continue, but with expanded new targeting.

So I scratch my head. With Cyber Berkut (a Ukranian, pro-Russian hacker group) hitting the Warsaw Exchange in August, and the reporting of Russian intelligence operating in Poland... does it make sense that we see ISIS messaging in files pulled from Warsaw Exchange today? I'm not jumping to conclusions, only looking at the pile of data with one eye closed and the other in a hard squint.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and leaves little piles around my pond... Well, we're keeping an eye out for swimmers scooting over the water.

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